Active Orthodontics

Orthodontic braces are glued on to teeth to enable Dr. Cook to push and pull the teeth in the right direction.  This will move your teeth to the best position possible to suit your own individual smile.  It does take time to move teeth but, as with everything in life, the best things are worth waiting for.  During treatment it is important to watch what you eat, and keep the teeth and braces clean by tooth brushing after eating.  Dr Cook will explain what can be eaten, what should be avoided, and give you tips to clean your teeth during treatment. Sample toothbrushes and a Braces Care Kit are handed out when the braces are placed.

Braces can be clear braces or metal braces.  Colours can be added over the braces for you to make a fashion statement and allow you to express your personality during treatment.  Colours can be changed each month.  Should you wish to hide the braces, tooth coloured ligatures are available.