Learn about the types of bites and how they might be corrected


If your smile and teeth look like the photos below, we would love to offer you the chance to improve your bite and smile. Contact us at Active Orthodontics for a consultation and discover what options might be possible

Pre-Treatment Bite Types (these examples are BEFORE any treatment)

  Cross bite (anterior tooth)


Deep bite (increased overbite)

Ectopic tooth eruption

Missing (absent) permanent teeth

Narrow dental arch

Open (anterior) bite

Protruding teeth

Reverse bite

Prominent lateral incisors

Anterior crossbite with gingival recession

Disclaimer: The following photos are provided for instructional value only and offer no value for diagnosis or treatment options specific to a patient's malocclusion. We do not provide testimonals from current or previous patients in the promotion of the services we provide and stress that treatment outcomes have a range of influences, least of which being patient co-operation. To establish what might be possible from orthodontic treatment please contact us for a thorough personal assessment.

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